How It's Made

The Poly Manufacturing Process

From Waste To Wow

We are pleased to say that our outdoor poly furniture is made from poly wood. Poly wood is the material of the future. Polywood outdoor furniture is manufactured from high-density polyethylene plastic, the type of plastic most commonly used in milk bottles and other plastic cartons you buy at your local grocery store. So our furniture is manufactured from 100% recycled materials!

Step 1: Waste

polyoutdoor furniture

Recycled milk jugs are taken from waste and stored for bead grinding.

Step 2: Beads

step 2

Recycled milk jugs are taken and ground into beads to serve as the base for poly furniture. When the beads are heated and melded, it creates a polymer tough as nails.

Step 3: Manufacture

step 3

After the base has been created and molded into lumber strips, color and UV protection is added for both function and form.

Step 4: Raw Materials

step 4

The raw lumber creation process begins and color is added during the final stages.

Step 5: Precision Cutting

step 5

Rough edges are now made smooth with precision-cutting machinery, and sanded down to a smooth or textured finish.

Step 6: Shipping

step 6

The poly lumber is assembled into furniture, and becomes boxed and ready to ship to residences and businesses.

Step 7: Enjoy

step 7

Furniture is received, easily assembled, and ready to enjoy for years to come.


There are many reasons to choose Polywood furniture

Polywood Furniture is superior to wooden lawn furniture or aluminum outdoor furniture because it's created from recycled HDPE (High-Density PolyEthylene). Polywood is extremely resistant to any weather conditions and is maintenance free furniture. This is not the case with wood lawn furniture, which tends to rot, splinter, or crack and requires constant maintenance. Polywood is considered to have a high level of corrosive resistance, while aluminum outdoor furniture has a low level of corrosive resistance. Aluminum outdoor furniture is also uncomfortable and very heavy if ever you want to move or reposition the furniture. Polywood furniture is light, flexible, and comfortable.

Choosing Polywood furniture will not only benefit the environment, it will also benefit your lifestyle. No matter where you live, this furniture is immune to the elements. It can sustain all weather year after year. It is maintenance free leaving you to enjoy your weekends sitting in your outdoor lawn furniture rather than working all weekend to maintain its’ appearance and structural integrity. Polywood furniture has been designed to have the sleek appearance of wood lawn furniture without all the nuisances associated with actually owning wooden furniture.

Through simplicity, durability, and quality, Polywood furniture just makes the hassle and inconvenience encountered with wood lawn furniture and aluminum outdoor furniture a thing of the past!