Butterfly House

The sight of beautiful butterflies floating through the garden is one of the greatest joys that comes with spending time outdoors. This deluxe butterfly house - handcrafted from ultra-durable materials right here in the USA - draws butterflies to your space with an offer of a warm, dry, and safe place for them to rest and relax. With perfectly-sized entry slats, high-quality waterproof construction and ample space for a whole host of butterflies, this wonderful butterfly house makes the ideal addition to any outdoor space.

Additionally, this house is constructed from Poly- Recycled Plastic!, a wonderfully durable plastic crafted from recycled milk jugs. Poly wood holds its shape and color against the elements with ease, promising year after year of bright color, enjoyment, and happy butterflies at no cost to the planet.

A butterfly house uses small slots to keep birds and predators out, while giving butterflies a safe place away from wind and weather. Plant nectar sources, like flowers or a butterfly feeder, near your butterfly house to attract more butterflies to their beautiful new home.

Small Butterfly House measures 6"W x 5"D x 12 1/2"H

Large Butterfly House measures 8"W x 8"D x 19"H

    * Butterfly House Size: